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Women Bishops: A Response to Cardinal Kasper by NT Wright

On the occasion of the Church of England synod meeting to vote for women’s right for the post of bishops, I would like to repost the leading New Testament and Early Church history scholar Right Rev’d N.T. Wright to the Catholic cardinal Walter Kasper.

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Scientists to unveil proof of ‘God particle’

Yahoo! – This is as big as the, well, big bang theory: Scientists working at the world’s largest atom smasher say they have enough evidence of the long-sought-after Higgs boson.

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Marcus Borg’s Reflections on Easter

Share Today I read a poll of American Christians about the resurrection of Jesus. It reported that more than 90% of American Christians say that the resurrection of Jesus matters greatly to them. I agree – without the affirmation of Jesus’ resurrection, Christianity makes no important sense. But I was disappointed because the poll reported […]

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Mohamed ElBaradei warns Egypt it is letting a ‘new emperor’ take over

Nobel laureate blames Muslim Brotherhood and revolutionary youth for letting the generals engineer coup

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Yes and No

Yes Jesus is the Son of God. Yet where did this faith come from and how should we understand it? Marcus J. Borg

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Polling Stations Open in Egypt – The Iskanders’ Review

Voting has begun in Egypt for the first post-Mubarak president. Voting will take place over two days and follows weeks of expatriate voting around the world. The results of the expat vote has been mixed and the election appears to be open, with opinion polls showing massively disparate results.

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Inevitable Clash: The Muslim Brotherhood and the Armed Forces

As the Egyptian presidential elections approach, the question of post-election scenarios is becoming a pressing issue for the observers on the scene.

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Jersey, the Island of Thorns and Roses

At last, I had the chance to visit the British Channel Islands. It was a long journey from Cambridge With loads of questions in my mind. Once the plane landed on the Jersey soil, the journey turned into an overwhelming adventure of engaging with the spectrum of human experience.

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Being a Christian in Egypt Today

An Egyptian Christian has to accept the fact that the second article of the constitution says that Egypt is a Muslim country and that Islamic law is the main source of legislation. This means that he is not allowed to undertake any high position in the government, the army or in universities.

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The First Orthodox Community Day in Cambridge with Kallistos Ware

So, the first IOCS community day in Cambridge was so beautiful. It was held at Wesley House where the Institute is. Metropolitan Kallistos Ware was arguably charming with his calming voice and beautiful language of an Oxford scholar and a spiritual expert.

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